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"We want to make sure your guests are seduced from the outset; today, more than ever, the quality of the experience is what matters most"

Pierre-Étienne Chamard – Smiling CEO


We regularly roll out new product lines for rental purposes and are on the lookout for the latest trends thus helping us remain at the cutting edge of the industry. We offer unique pieces that are simply not found elsewhere.
Our DNA represents our values and the non-negotiables of our organization. Every decision goes through our DNA filter.
DX's purpose is the WHY of the organization, the reason behind the fire in our eyes.
DX's purpose is the WHY of the organization, the reason behind the fire in our eyes.
We aim towards a BHAG rather than a vision statement. The destination is great; the journey to get there is even greater.

Team meeting

-- 638

Projects undertaken

-- 6580

Eager employees

-- 42

In-stock products

-- 19 800


We offer reliable and consistent services tailored to your needs. Our energetic and dedicated team is sure to meet, and even surpass, your expectations in a simple yet efficient manner. We know you are busy, which is why we provide impeccable and professional services that will let you rest easy.


We have on hand a high-end product line where each piece was selected with great care. We are directly involved in the design and manufacturing of most of our furnishings for rental and assure you of high-quality products that will meet and even exceed your expectations. Our inventory is thoroughly inspected and reconditioned after each event. That is the DX quality guarantee.


Ambiance is always at stake! We organize your spaces so your guests are treated to a unique experience. We design customized decors and styles for your events that are at once moving and compelling, and which reflect your own taste. You have off-the-wall ideas? So do we!